a Pet License

Instructions on Purchasing your Pet License Online
To purchase your pet license online, please click the button below.

You must purchase one pet license at a time. For multiple pets, please repeat the steps below.

The first screen you will see will ask you to enter payment amount: please enter either $12 if you are renewing a pet license or $24 if you are purchasing a pet license for a new pet for the first time (do not include the $ sign). Click Continue once you enter in the payment amount.

On the next screen, you will need to enter in the following information:
  • Name (as it appears on your debit/credit card)
  • Payment Description: Select if you are renewing a license or purchasing a new license.
  • Enter in the information for:
    • Owner’s Name
    • Owner’s Address
    • Owner’s Phone Number
    • Pet’s Name
    • Breed
    • Pet’s Sex
    • Pet’s Age
    • If your Pet is Spayed/Neutered
  • All dogs and cats over 4 months must have a rabies vaccination. Please provide the rabies vaccination number provided by your vet and the expiration date.
Once you submit your payment, your licenses will be mailed out to you within 2 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 847-398-6070

Purchase a Pet License