Refuse & Recycling

The city is currently contracted with Flood Brothers for refuse, yard-waste, and recycling collection. Garbage collection for the City's single family homes and Rob Roy Community is Friday. Residential garbage and recycling containers shall be placed along the curb for pickup no sooner than seven o'clock (7:00) pm, the day before collection. Such waste containers shall be removed for the curb and stored within twelve (12) hours after the collection service has been performed.

In the event of a holiday, trash pickups will occur one day later following these holidays: New Year’s Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; and Christmas Day

Flood Brothers Brochure

Single family homes receive unlimited garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection.

Townhouses and multi-family buildings receive unlimited garbage and recycling.

Further information on additional services such as additional carts, two day a week collection, or bulk pickups, please contact Flood Brothers directly at 630-261-0578 to make accommodations.

View more information about residential waste and recycling.

Flood Brothers Collection Rates and SWANCC Disposal Rates - Effective July 1 , 2022

The monthly fee charged by Flood Brothers is the combination of two fees. One fee is charged by Flood Brothers for the collection of your garbage/recycling and a second fee is collected by Flood Brothers for the City's cost to dispose of your garbage/recycling through the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC). Disposal rates are $7.25 for single family service and $5.25 for town house/multi-family. For your convenience, both collection and disposal fees are combined into one bill. Flood Brothers also offers a senior discount for the collection portion of the bill. Billing questions should be directed to Flood Brothers at 630-261-0578.

Flood Collection Options
Monthly Flood and SWANCC Fees
Single Family Curbside$24.70
Senior Single Family Curbside$20.46
Town House Curbside$15.32
Senior Town House Curbside$12.80
Single Family Backdoor$36.72
Senior Single Family Backdoor$29.47
2X Week Single Family Curbside$33.67
Senior 2X Week Single Family Curbside$27.19
2X Week Single Family Backdoor$50.57
Senior 2X Week Single Family Backdoor$39.86

The Battery Collection Program at City Hall Has Been Discontinued But Please Review the Following Handout for Important Information on How Residents Should Handle Household Batteries

How do I dispose or recycle household batteries?

SWANCC Pharmaceutical/Sharps Disposal

SWANCC sponsors a collection/disposal program for expired or unused medications and sharps, and provides a proper collection container for needles. Recent research by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Geological Survey revealed that there are a substantial amount of antibiotics and steroidal hormones in rivers, lakes and wells caused by people flushing their medications down the toilet or putting them down the sink. Additionally, sharps can cause needle-sticks and health issues if thrown away in the garbage or put in the water system.

Residents are asked to leave their medications in the original containers and to mark out their personal information. No over-the-counter liquid medications will be accepted. No commercial or institutional waste will be accepted.  Please note that SWANCC residents are able to participate in any drop-off location.

To dispose of controlled substances, please refer to Save A Star drop-off locations or DEA Take-Back Days. Please refer to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency's list of regulated pharmaceutical controlled substances.

SWANCC Medication and Sharps Disposal Guidelines

One Day Document Destruction and Electronics Recycling Events

Local Municipalities along with the assistance of the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County have scheduled document destruction and electronics recycling events throughout the year. Click for the SWANCC website.

No materials will be accepted from businesses or schools.

Typical documents to shred include medical forms, bank statements, personal files and retired tax forms. Staples and paper clips are acceptable, NO BINDERS. Residents will be limited to six file-size boxes or paper shopping bags per vehicle. NO PLASTIC BAGS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Acceptable Items for Electronic Recycling
The following items will be accepted for recycling at SWANCC’s drop-off programs. Here here is a link to SWANCC's electronics recycling page - Electronics for recycling are also accepted most every Saturday from 9:00am to 11:30am at the Glenview Transfer Station, 3 Providence Way, Des Plaines (Located on the east side of Des Plaines River Road, 1/4 mile north of Central road, directly across from the Maryville Academy). There is a limit of seven (7) items per household and no electronics can be accepted from municipalities, schools, businesses, or institutions.

Cable Receivers

Cell Phones

Computer monitors

Computers (Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets)

Converter Boxes

Fax Machines



MP3 Players

Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs)

Printers (Multi-function Printers)

Satellite Receivers


Televisions (All Types)

Video Game Consoles

Video Recorders/Players

Zip Drives

If you have any questions regarding recycling in the City of Prospect Heights, please go online to or contact City Hall at 847-398-6070 ext. 206.