Summer Outreach Program for At-Risk Youth

This year, the Prospect Heights Police Department is continuing the Summer Youth Outreach Program for 2017.  The goal of the Summer Youth Outreach Program is to build positive working relationships with the young men and women who will be the future of our community.

This year we are planning the annual bike ride/government day and trips to Camp Duncan, Mercury Cruise line “Science is Fun” boat tour on Lake Michigan, and a tour of Wrigley Field.  

While we recognize that our Summer Youth Outreach Programs are both fun and exciting, we want to emphasize the importance of such programs and their educational support. The Prospect Heights Police Department has partnered with the Indian Trails Public Library District to interact with the youth of our community all year long. 

Several organizations in both our community and our neighboring communities have set up scholarships for the underprivileged youth that participate in community activities like the Summer Youth Outreach Program.  Our officers recognize familiar faces and enjoy seeing the children of Prospect Heights develop into young men and women as they interact and are shaped by positive experiences with law enforcement.  Our programs offer our youth a networking opportunity with great local organizations for future scholarship opportunities.

The members of the Prospect Heights Police Department look forward to working with both the parents and youth through the summer of 2018 and beyond.

Questions, contact Officer Pardeep "Pete" Deol at 847-398-5511 x133 or
Registration for the Summer Outreach Program

Citizen's Police Academy

The Prospect Heights Citizen Police Academy is a nine-week program offered to residents and those that work in the City of Prospect Heights. The academy is designed to offer participants a general understanding of the mission values and operations of the Police Department. The academy offers hands-on experiences and insights into the nature of police services and is designed around a two hour long night class meeting on Wednesdays, in the evening from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Prospect Heights Police Department. The program includes classroom style presentations, open discussions, demonstrations, practical exercises, a field trip to our dispatch center and hands-on self-defense, range training, forensic crime scene practicals, real life scenarios placing the participants in the role of the officers, and taser training.

Upon completion, it is the hope of the Police Department that academy graduates will possess a better understanding of police services provided by the City of Prospect Heights. Graduates will also be given the opportunity to join our Volunteer Program which assists the Prospect Heights Police Department in providing additional non-emergency services.

The Prospect Heights Citizen Police Academy is offered annually, free of cost and is limited in space. We urge those who are interested to apply as soon as possible. The next Citizen's Police Academy is scheduled to begin Fall of 2021.

The Citizen Police Academy application form is available below or under the "Forms" tab.

Must be 18 or older to participate.

For questions please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 847,398-5511 or

Dates to be determined
Applications accepted all year round.

Citizen Police Academy Application Form

Homeland Security Investigations Victim Notification Program

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), is committed to protecting the public and ensuring that the rights of victims are carefully observed. HSI administers the Victim Notification Program which allows eligible victims and witnesses to obtain reliable and timely information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody. However, victims and witnesses are required to register with ICE in order to receive notification of a criminal alien's release. Listed below is a link to the HSI Victim Notification Program.
HSI Victim Notification Program

The Illinois Premise Alert Program

The Illinois Premise Alert Program (Public Act 96-0788) provides for Public Safety Agencies in the State of Illinois to allow people with special needs to provide information to police to be kept in a database. The information can then be provided to responders dealing with situations involving the Special Needs individuals. The below information provided by you will be kept confidential and used only to provide Police personnel with the information needed to deal with situations or emergencies involving a Special Needs person.

Please click the link below to download the form.
Illinois Premise Alert Registration Form

Telephone Reassurance (Well-Being Check) Program

Over the years the Prospect Heights Police Department has had occasion to interact with a number of residents, some of whom have been alone for so long that their wellbeing has been taken for granted, others who have recently suffered from ill fortune and are struggling to get back on their feet. In both cases it may appear on the outside that everything is fine but in all reality they may’ve reached a point where they could use a little helping hand. Many of these folks have come to our attention during recent periods of extreme weather. In response the Prospect Heights Police Department has developed a telephone reassurance program to lend our citizens and neighbors a little assistance when they may most need it.

The program is voluntary and our method is to call folks every so often to let them know that they are not forgotten, so to speak. We simply ask if a resident requiring special needs or assistance would like a representative of the police department to occasionally check on them. If they do we’ll fill out the “telephone reassurance” form and we’ll have one of our citizen volunteers call to check on them. This may be followed up by a visit from an Officer or a Police Social Worker. We normally encounter such residents on check for well-being calls for service, when encountered we can offer assistance through this program.

To sign-up, please contact the Police Department at (847) 398-5511.