a Dog/Cat License

The 2023-24 dog and cat tag deadline has passed. Late fees now apply. Tags must be purchased at City Hall, 8 N. Elmhurst Road, Prospect Heights, IL.

For additional information please call 847-398-6070.

Instructions on Renewing a Dog/Cat License at City Hall

Pets which have had previous licenses will be in the City’s database and owners will receive a renewal form in the mail. To renew a pet license in person, bring your renewal form with payment to City Hall, 8 N. Elmhurst Road.

Instructions on Purchasing a NEW Dog/Cat License

Recently acquired dogs and cats need to be registered with the City. To purchase a NEW animal license, click the Download a Pet License Application link below and return the completed form with payment to City Hall, 8 N. Elmhurst Road.

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted.

Download a Vehicle Sticker and Dog/Cat License Application

All dogs and cats over 4 months must have a rabies vaccination. Please provide the rabies vaccination number provided by your vet and the expiration date.

If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 847-398-6070.

                                                                     ANIMAL LICENSE                                                                            Until March 31                          April 1

            June 1 


Animal Tag – New Pets
Animal Tag – Annual Renewal







Passed by Ordinance #O-95-63 on December 18, 1995


A.   Any person owning or keeping within the city limits any dog or cat, four (4) months of age or over, shall obtain a license for each animal within ten (10) days of acquiring such animal or becoming a resident of the city.