a Dog/Cat License

Dog and cat license renewal deadline (April 1, 2021) has passed and late fees may apply. Pet licenses must be purchased at City Hall at this time.

Please allow 7-10 business days from online purchase date for licenses to be mailed to you. Questions can be directed to City Hall at 847-398-6070.

Passed by Ordinance #O-95-63 on December 18, 1995


A.   Any person owning or keeping within the city limits any dog or cat, four (4) months of age or over, shall obtain a license for each animal within ten (10) days of acquiring such animal or becoming a resident of the city.

All dogs and cats over 4 months must have a rabies vaccination. Please provide the rabies vaccination number provided by your vet and the expiration date.

If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 847-398-6070.

Instructions on Renewing a Dog/Cat License at City Hall

Pets which have had previous licenses will be in the City’s database and owners will receive a renewal form in the mail. To renew a pet license in person, bring your renewal form with payment to City Hall, 8 N. Elmhurst Road.

Dog/Cat Licenses Cannot be Renewed Online at This Time

Instructions on Purchasing a NEW Dog/Cat License

Recently acquired dogs and cats need to be registered with the City. To purchase a NEW animal license, click the Download a Pet License Application link below and return the completed form with payment to City Hall, 8 N. Elmhurst Road.

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted.

Download a Vehicle Sticker and Dog/Cat License Application

                                                                     ANIMAL LICENSE                                                                            Until March 31                          April 1

            June 1 


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